Rhiannon Moore is a 25 year old Graduate student in Biology with a passion for art and the environment. 

When did you start painting?

I can't remember a time when I haven't loved art. When I was a kid, I would be entering art competitions, telling people that I wanted to be an artist when I grow up. I loved to experiment with different materials and draw things I would find while adventuring in the wilderness of my backyard. In high school, art was always my favourite class, it was usually the best part of my day and I felt close to my art teachers, who encouraged me to keep pushing myself and explore my talent. Creating art made me feel unique and truly gifted. Despite my natural talent and love for art, I didn't pursue it after high school, I did the opposite. I stopped drawing, painting, and creating. It is only now that I realize the impact this absence had on me, the power that my art has on my happiness and the people around me.

Did you go to art school?

Instead of going to art school, I chose to go to the University of Waterloo for Environment and Resource Studies. If you were to ask me what my passion is, I wouldn't answer art, I would answer the environment. I grew up exploring as many parts of nature as I could, turning over rocks looking for salamanders, walking along the creek behind my home inspecting all the critters that live in it, and helping my mom grow vegetables in our garden. I grew up experiencing and understanding all the inter-connectivities within ecosystems, while also seeing habitats around the world being increasingly damaged or destroyed. I have always felt that I need to be a voice for these important parts of our world and protect them as much as I can.

During a life-changing semester on Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, I got back into painting. I was so inspired by the coastal wildlife and landscape and began experimenting with watercolour paints and ink to try to capture the beauty around me. I aim to help my viewers and collectors feel the same way about my paintings as I feel when I am immersed in nature.

What inspires you to keep painting?

The environment is what inspires me to paint and to keep creating, as well as the happiness and satisfaction of my collectors. Art is my gift and nature is my passion, and Tea House Studios is a way that I can connect these two things.

Why watercolour paintings?

I find that watercolour really captures the movement of certain parts of nature such as aquatic animals or trees. It is an interesting and unforgiving medium to work with as you can't simply paint over a mistake you've made. I love how colours flow into each other using watercolour, and how I can really get into ink detail with my pieces. It's an added bonus that a little paint goes a long way with watercolours, making it the least wasteful paint out there to use. Throughout my whole creative process I create little to no waste, except perhaps a cup of tea that I've accidentally polluted once again with my paintbrush!

feeling one with a tree