All prints from Tea House Studios begin life from the same spot.  The original watercolour painting goes through a specialized lighting and high resolution imaging process. This ensures that all the details and colours of the original are beautifully captured and ready to be reproduced. 

Open Edition Print

Print on premium matte paper

The Open Edition Prints are printed on premium matte paper with the highest quality ink available. These are affordable replications of the original that allow everyone to be able to support an environmental organization while getting a colourful piece of artwork they can enjoy.


Limited Edition Giclee Print

Giclee Print on acid-free watercolour paper

The Limited Edition Prints use a state of the art Giclee (pronounced zhee-klay) printing process. This process produces the highest quality print (also known as museum quality) and is printed onto acid-free watercolour paper-- the same material as the original.  It is often very hard to tell the difference between a Giclee print and the original painting.

A limited number of these Giclee prints are made for each original so you can be proud to own an exclusive piece of art.  Each one comes hand numbered and signed by Rhiannon. 

Open Edition Print (left) in comparison with Limited Edition Giclee Print (right)