I'm frequently asked why I have named my environmental art business "Tea House Studios". Here are my three reasons:

I am always drinking tea when I paint, and I often dip my paintbrush in my tea by accident. Many of my paintings have traces of tea throughout them because of this. 

Traditional tea houses have open concepts, and many have large doors or screens that remain open to the natural elements. Tea houses are places of gathering, socializing, and drinking tea. Some historic tea houses offered extravagant architectural design and were created for aesthetic, cultural and intellectual fulfilment--much like art.

 My parents have a tea house at home, which I helped my father, a talented architect, build. He made it with natural materials like cedar and bamboo, and even put a green roof on-top which now blossoms with native wild flowers each season. My family's tea house is nestled at the edge of the forest behind our home and seems to blend seamlessly with it's natural surroundings. Even when the weather gets chilly we bring blankets in the tea house and warm up with a cup of tea. 



My family's tea house