Do you have a specific theme or animal you would like me to paint just for you? All commissioned paintings start at $70.  Prices can increase depending on size, complexity of the request and materials. For example, a 8 x 10 inch custom piece made using my hand carved ink stamps will be at the lower end of this price, while a 8 x 10 inch watercolour and ink painting starts at around $100 (again, depending on complexity!). 

I take great pride in my design process and start by researching before I even put a drop of paint on the canvas.  Through researching I'm able to pick certain elements or traits in animal or subject that I can articulate in the painting. Like my originals, all commissioned art comes with a written note detailing the design and creation processes. Collectors not only get a totally unique piece of art but also a deeper understanding of how that exact piece of art was created.

As with all my art 20% of the price goes directly to an environmental organization.