Nobody reads blogs.


Well, that’s not really true. But this was my first thought when people suggested starting a blog. It’s likely that you’ve read a lot of blog posts without realizing it, thinking they were news articles or informative web pages! Blogs can be incredibly useful for summarizing one’s work whether it be research, poetry, photography, or travel. My aim is to use my blog as a way to keep you, the reader, informed and genuinely interested in the work I am doing. I also think it will be useful for me as a way of keeping track of my achievements and ongoing projects, as well as Environmental Organizations or other professionals that might be interested in working with me.

If you are new to Tea House Studios and unfamiliar with my work, I am an artist and conservation professional. I combine these two passions together to create environmentally themed art. In December of 2014, I launched my own website to showcase and sell my artwork in the form of originals and affordable fine art prints. I wanted to do more than simply raise awareness for environmental issues, I wanted to raise money for them. Working at the rare Charitable Research Reserve, an environmental non-profit organization within Southern Ontario made me realize how much donations are valued and in some cases depended on in order to operate and protect sensitive habitats. These habitats that organizations work hard to protect and restore are critical for animal survival, water protection, and maintaining good air quality.  When you make a purchase on my website, your money is sent directly to me and I send 20% of it directly to an environmental organization. They put your money towards their operations and programs (protection, restoration, research, education) and everybody wins.

So that’s a short summary of my business, and my first out of many blog posts. I promise to keep them short, easy to understand and interesting, and I value any feedback or topic suggestions from you. I truly hope you keep reading about what I’m up to, comment on my posts, share my work with friends, and join me in making a better future for ourselves and those that follow.

Happy Trails,


 Selling my work at the 2015 Guelph Ecomarket 

Selling my work at the 2015 Guelph Ecomarket